About Serially Novel & Streets of Blame

I have always loved reading and writing.  I know many people hate the idea of looking at a blank word processing application, a virginal piece of paper, or the thought of trying to rectify those former situations.  But that has never been me.  I have written four professional trade books, but I have always wanted to publish a novel.

And I also have come to love social networking systems.  It is great for both work and play.  As a sales professional, those tools are instrumental to success in my role.

So, in an odd moment, I thought I would combine the two concepts …writing and social media to try a social experiment.  I have been working on a novel, Streets of Blame, for awhile.  I am going to start publishing a chapter at a time, and seeking thoughts and support.  Getting regular feedback from people will drive me to get it completed.  Also, if this experiment works, well, I will work on more novels and help other writers do the same.

I thank you in advance for your support, comments, and, of course, your reading of what I share.

The book is set in Seattle…about a serial killer, who is able to use DNA from discarded food, cigarettes, gum, bottles, and other things to falsely implicate others and to stay clear of the law, so he can continue his killing spree.

Read the PREFACE or the  PROLOGUE to get started!

NOTE:  I have been working on this novel for a couple of years and the homeless population in Seattle (and many other communities) is exploding.  I have decided that whether published by publishing house or self-published, part of the proceeds will go to a reputable charitable organization for the homeless or homeless veterans.  I am also doing what I can a little each day to pay it forward.  

Want to provide a $10 Starbucks card to a homeless person in need.  I’ve set up a Go Fund Me for that.  Want to donate less than $10.  No problem.

Follow Homeless in Seattle on Pinterest! And thanks.

One thought on “About Serially Novel & Streets of Blame

  1. This is a practical idea. You will have input needed to assure your novel will be a success.

    I have a variety of short stories and poems being published now and soon will begin a series of short stories when compiled will be ready to publish as a novel. Each ‘chapter’ is a complete story. By the time I am finished with the series, I will know the public approved and know where to make changes necessary to insure the most interesting read.

    It is beneficial to hear from your readers.

    I will be happy to be included in this experiment, as it promises to be an interesting process.

    Judy Price


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